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We believe in unity as a force for change because we are not just creating, we are building a future where every living creature is our focus.

What is Quality of Life?

Quality of life is a generic term that describes the overall well-being and satisfaction that a person experiences in their life. It includes physical and mental health, social interactions, personal development, economic security, education and leisure opportunities. Quality of life is subjective and can vary considerably according to individual values, cultural context and life circumstances. It is the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction with different aspects of life.

Our cause

Our cause embodies our commitment to a better tomorrow where we care about every aspect of life. With the heart and enthusiasm of our members and partners, we strive to create a society where every initiative and individuality is respected and supported. At the heart of our cause lies our unwavering belief that every person deserves to live a quality life.
Committed to the common good, we work with devotion to build a society where no one is left behind and everyone has the opportunity to develop, be healthy, successful and happy.

Quality of life dimensions

Researched and prepared the utility model: Assoc. Dr Lyuben Stanev
Chairman of the Quality of Life Association

About us

We have been working to improve the personal and social environment in Bulgaria since 2011.

More about us

Organisational structure

Members of the Board of Directors, the General Assembly, working for the quality of life.

Our structure


Improving quality of life would be much harder without our partners.

About the partners

We study the quality of life indicators from 2003.

Mission, Vision, Goals

Our association is visionary and entrepreneurial, encouraging B2B partnerships aimed at enriching the quality of life of Bulgarians.

We believe that with responsible relationships and innovative partnerships, we can create a better future that reflects the needs and ambitions of our society, thereby improving the quality of life for all.

Quality of Life Association's mission is to inspire, encourage and support individuals in their quest for a more fulfilled, meaningful and fulfilling existence.

Through our actions we seek to inspire people to strive for their best, develop their potential and share their experiences and knowledge with others. In this way we will create a society that values and encourages spiritual and material enrichment, partnership and responsibility, for a better quality of life for all.

Our main goal is to achieve a conscious and individual appreciation of one's own life and to support the pursuit of a more fulfilled, meaningful and satisfying existence.

We bring together people and organizations who share our vision, believing that working together has the power to make a difference.


With care and commitment, we build bridges to a better future through quality of life dimensions that unite our community for a better future.

Physical well-being

Public well-being

Material well-being

Social well-being

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