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Quality Food, Water and Drinks


Quality and pleasure in food and drink

Our priority and purpose is to make food and drink key elements in improving the quality of life. With the firm belief that a healthy and tasty combination leads to a happier and more fulfilling existence, we strive to provide the public with an easy and affordable way to make product choices.


Together for delicious change!

The Quality Food & Drink section represents the light that guides us towards a much more conscious and beneficial choice of food.

The variety of quality food and drink available in restaurants, major supermarket chains and other retail outlets is a true symphony of flavours and aromas. From juicy juices to refreshing waters, from organic foods and juices to products that meet the highest quality standards, the quality food and beverage aisle introduces us to a world full of exciting flavours and health benefits.

The joint efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, BFDA, PHI and the Ministry of Economic Affairs are to be commended for ensuring reliable standards of safety and quality in the food and drink we consume. This commitment not only protects our health, but also promotes confidence in the products we choose to include in our daily diet.

It is also important to highlight the role of manufacturers in this process. Not only do they put delicious products on our tables, they also contribute to the economic development of the country by creating jobs and encouraging innovation in food technology.

Our vision

We envision a society where people are informed and educated about their food choices, where quality food and drink is accessible and promoted, and where local producers are supported and valued. We envision a future where people make more informed food choices that support their health and a sustainable food industry.

Quality food for our pets

The quality food and drink section is also of particular importance to those who care for pets. Pet foods, which are also part of this section, have a responsibility to provide a balanced and healthy diet for our little friends.


Working together for a sustainable future:

Our goals for healthy food choices and supporting local producers.

Our goals focus on promoting healthy food choices, supporting local producers and creating a sustainable food environment.

Supporting local producers

Supporting local producers

We actively encourage and support local food and drink producers. This supports the local economy, respects traditions and promotes sustainable farming and production.

Maintaining high standards

Maintaining high standards

We continually strive to improve the quality of the food and drink we provide. We work with regulators to ensure that safety and quality standards are met and maintained at a high level.

Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability and Innovation

We support innovation in the food industry that contributes to its sustainability. We look for new ways to produce, package and distribute food and drink that reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Partnership and Collaboration

Partnership and Collaboration

We develop collaborations with stakeholders from consumers and producers to educational institutions and NGOs. These collaborations aim to create the right environment to achieve our mission and vision.

Support the Quality of Life Association

Support our work to improve the quality of life for all.