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Material Well-Being

It is clear that a person’s financial situation is important for many aspects of their life. A higher level of wealth gives people more opportunities and choices, for example in terms of housing, social activities and health. A sound financial base also provides greater security.

Material well-being is just one of the four core areas of quality of life that assess a person’s ability to achieve and maintain income, acquire assets and wealth, and manage consumption patterns.

It is also known as economic wellbeing. Many people with intellectual disabilities often experience inequalities in work and employment that affect their material well-being.

Areas of material well-being
  • Government management of the economy,
  • Pricing of basic needs,
  • Management of household income,
  • Management of wages and benefits from work,
  • Providing financial stability and security
  • providing free education,
  • Improving living standards
Professional dimension and health
  • The professional dimension involves preparing and using your gifts, skills and talents to achieve meaning, happiness and enrichment in your life.
  • The development of professional satisfaction and well-being is linked to your attitude to work.
  • Achieving optimal occupational health allows you to maintain a positive attitude and experience satisfaction in your work.
  • Occupational health means successfully integrating a commitment to your job into an overall lifestyle that is satisfying and rewarding.

Business and Prosperity

Financial and material stability