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Corporate Volunteering

„Humanitatis optima est certatio“
from Latin, meaning “The noblest race is the race of humanity.”
– Cyrus

Why become a volunteer?

Want to be part of our mission to improve quality of life?

Wouldn’t you like to pioneer the introduction of corporate volunteering as part of your business model?

Does your company want to become an example to others by demonstrating commitment and participation in the community initiatives we organize?

Do you want to participate in the movement that not only improves people’s lives, but also strengthens your company’s position in society and the business environment?

Corporate volunteering

Corporate volunteering will help to develop our quality of life initiatives.

With your help, we can make significant progress in realizing our goals. Engaging in volunteer activities will not only support those in need in the community, but will also help bring your teams closer together and build a more thriving work environment.

By participating in our Corporate Volunteering Programme, your company will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of charitable initiatives that fit your social responsibility profile and align with your sustainability strategy. You’ll also be part of a like-minded community of companies striving for a better future for all.

Your engagement

Your commitment and participation in volunteer activities will contribute to creating a better community and promoting positive change in society. Our shared efforts and resources will allow us to develop innovative projects and programs that meet people’s needs and provide them with better lives.

Your benefits:

Nurturing socially responsible behaviour in the company.

The company's social commitment provides a unique opportunity to advertise and build the company's image on a new level to the public.

Volunteering brings employees together and plays a positive team building role.

Brand recognition and increase consumer trust in you.

Improving the company's image internationally.

Volunteering increases the moral responsibility of your employees.

Corporate volunteering enhances teamwork between employees and departments while encouraging employees to learn new skills along the way.

By regulating the law on voluntary work, it will also be agreed that companies supporting society will receive their deserved tax breaks.

How can you support us?

Choose the right initiative that fits your corporate social responsibility, your company.

Explore our causes

Participate in activities

Join our corporate volunteer programs, which include events, trainings, campaigns and projects, in different areas of our association.

Share experience and expertise

Bring your knowledge, skills and experience to volunteering projects by sharing your expertise with other participants.

Promote efforts

Share your involvement and commitment with the general public using social media, internal communication channels and other means of promotion.

Support our long-term goals

Share your involvement and commitment with the general public using social media, internal communication channels and other means of promotion.

Inspire othersgood quality of life.

Set an example for other companies and organizations by demonstrating commitment and participation in our quality of life initiatives.

Our idea

Our idea of corporate volunteering is not only an opportunity for your company to contribute to society, but also an opportunity for your employees to develop, build new skills and feel more productive and satisfied with their work.