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Business and Prosperity


Security and peace of mind

Our mission is to create an innovative and sustainable business ecosystem that is based on collaboration, innovation and strategic thinking. By creating partnerships across institutions and corporations, we foster the development of successful and sustainable enterprises. We believe that synergies between different sectors are the key to achieving competitiveness and growth.


Every idea is the beginning of something big!

Transparency and openness are key principles in our work. We focus on building partnerships that are based on trust and collaboration. Through the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources, we work together to create new opportunities for businesses.

One of the main focuses of our work is the development of innovative and sustainable business models. We believe that the future belongs to those who are willing to think outside the box and build sustainable business models that combine economic success with conservation of natural resources.

Through our partnerships and strategic thinking, we create a platform for innovation and development. Driven by a desire to improve the country’s business environment, we foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across industries, contributing to greater competitiveness and growth for all.

Through education, we promote entrepreneurial culture and skills. We organise trainings, seminars and roundtables that promote entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and business management skills.

Our goal is to build a business community that is ready to overcome challenges and seize opportunities as they present themselves. Be part of the community that shapes and inspires change in the business environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a business community that pioneers innovation and sustainability. We want to see business in Bulgaria both successful and profitable, and responsible to society and the environment. By bringing together knowledge, expertise and resources from different sectors, we aim to create conditions for growth that are based on sustainability and innovation.


Together towards a sustainable future:

Our business quality improvement goals

Our ambitious path to a more successful and sustainable future includes goals aimed at creating an innovative business platform, fostering collaboration across sectors and developing entrepreneurial skills and models for sustainable growth.

Create an innovative development platform

Create an innovative development platform

Our aim is to develop and establish an innovative platform that promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge between different sectors. This platform will be a catalyst for the development of new ideas and business models.

Development of entrepreneurial skills and culture

Development of entrepreneurial skills and culture

In order to support the entrepreneurial spirit, we will provide educational programs that encourage entrepreneurial thinking, innovation and business leadership. We wish to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs who are able to meet the challenges of the modern business world.

Support sustainable business models

Support sustainable business models

Our goal is to support the development of business models that combine economic growth and environmental protection. We will encourage businesses to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and processes.

Forming an active and inspiring community

Forming an active and inspiring community

We want to create a community of entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators who are ready to lead change in the business environment. Through our efforts, we want to inspire others to join the movement for a better and sustainable business future.

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