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Personal satisfaction


Live to the max!

Our mission at Quality of Life Association is to promote and maintain a balanced approach to satisfaction and joy in life. We promote the balance between enjoyment and responsible choices by encouraging healthy habits and informed decisions to improve quality of life.


Live at full speed

We accept the important aspect of our nature – the pursuit of joy and pleasure. We understand that pleasures can be varied and often include both positive and challenging aspects.

Although some habits and pleasures can be inherently harmful, we recognize that even these can satisfy people if consumed in reasonable and measured amounts. It is important to emphasize that modern life brings a variety of temptations, and what may be considered “harmful” may be satisfying for the moment.

On the other hand, our association recognizes the importance of balance and moderation. We promote awareness and the ability of people to make healthy choices. This includes understanding consequences and learning boundaries. Even bad habits can be manageable when kept in proportion and combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Our mutual collaboration seeks to reflect the diversity of the human experience and to promote a fulfilling life that includes both moments of enjoyment and responsible choices. Whether it is about pleasures or healthy living, quality of life is defined by the balance and opportunities that the modern world provides us.

It is a matter of conscious choice and personal freedom, who, how and where to relax and unwind best. Each individual decides.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a society where people have the ability to enjoy a variety of pleasures and choices while understanding consequences and limits. We wish to create an environment where people are informed about the different aspects of their decisions and can choose with confidence the path that best suits their needs and values. Our vision includes maintaining a balance between individual preferences and healthy choices that contribute to people’s long-term well-being.


Together towards a sustainable future:

Our goals include promoting a balanced approach to satisfaction, conscious healthy choices and enriching quality of life through information and support.

In collaboration with institutions and corporations, we promote:
Conscious choices

Conscious choices

Our goal is to provide information and education to individuals that encourages them to make conscious and informed decisions for their personal satisfaction. This includes understanding the limits and consequences of their choices.

Balance and moderation

Balance and moderation

We strive to promote a balanced and moderate approach to satisfaction. We believe that people can enjoy a variety of pleasures while maintaining a balance between them and refraining from over-consumption.

Providing diverse opportunities for enjoyment

Providing diverse opportunities for enjoyment

We value each person's uniqueness and encourage diversity in satisfaction choices. We strive to provide a variety of options for enjoyment and joy that combine the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

On the edge of pleasure

In our fast-paced world, where choices are many and varied, some can be considered harmful. However, they can also add new facets to our quality of life. Examples include cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and certain types of food. All these experiences, despite their drawbacks, can contribute to momentary satisfaction and joy.

Of course, such pleasures bring short-lived joy and satisfaction. In many cases, they are part of the social experience that enriches our lives. As with everything else, moderation is key.

Although some of these habits can have adverse health effects when consumed in moderation, they can still contribute to our quality of life.

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