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Ecology and environment

The future of renewable energy

The campaign to promote the use of renewable energy aims to inform and motivate the public, the business sector and governments to invest and switch to renewable energy.

By building a world where renewable energy is a major source of energy, we can protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Installed renewable energy capacity around the world is growing steadily and now represents a significant part of the global energy grid. As technology develops and large-scale production increases, the prices of renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines are falling significantly. This makes this type of energy source increasingly competitive compared to traditional energy sources.

Through mediation between the private sector and public institutions, we aim to help improve legal regulation and the effective application of the same not only at the corporate level, but also in the everyday life of every citizen. The Association seeks and identifies competent experts and partners who provide information in an accessible way that testifies to people’s financial and personal interest in investing in renewable energy sources, as well as to provide technical solutions for its efficient use.

Part of our mission is not only to appeal through multiple campaigns to the use of renewable energy sources, but also to make an appeal to many future “green” investments.