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At the Quality of Life Association we focus on collaboration, which is essential to our association. Through our partnerships, we build bridges between different sectors of society, pooling efforts and resources to achieve Quality of Life Association’s common goals of improving the quality of life.

These partnerships not only enable us to carry out our mission effectively, but also inspire us to develop innovative solutions and bring about changes that contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.

Types of partnerships

Through various types of partnerships, the Quality of Life Association undertakes a variety of activities that support the achievement of its goals and vision for improving quality of life.

Private Partnership

Private partnership is implemented through collaboration with leading companies in various fields such as business, ecology, education, medicine, sport and the food industry. These partnerships involve the exchange of expertise, resources and information to support the implementation of joint projects and initiatives for the benefit of society.

Non-governmental partnerships

By partnering with the non-governmental sector, such as foundations and associations, the Association shares common values and goals and works with them to implement projects and causes related to quality of life.

Public partnerships

• State level
At the public level, the Association partners with government institutions, such as ministries and government agencies, which provide financial, organisational and regulatory support for the implementation of quality of life initiatives.
• Municipal level
At the community level, partnerships involve working with local governments and community agencies to help implement projects and initiatives at the local level.

International partnership

Partnerships at international and European Union level provide an opportunity to exchange experience, good practice and resources with organisations and institutions from other countries, and to participate in international programmes and projects to improve quality of life.

What do we achieve through partnership?

Through the partnerships we establish, the Quality of Life Association carries out a range of activities that contribute to our aims and mission of improving quality of life.

Funding is a key aspect of our work. By providing financial support to projects and causes, we support the implementation of a variety of initiatives carried out by the Association. This includes setting budgets, preparing activities and reporting on expenditure, with information on activities undertaken shared with our partners and the community.

Project exchange is also an important part of our work. By working together at a project management level, we organise joint projects and provide the necessary resources such as facilitators, speakers and materials for the implementation of initiatives. Such a partnership also includes consultancy to help plan and successfully implement the association's activities.

As a facilitator, we also play an important role in cooperation between the private, public and NGO sectors. This aspect of our work aims to support the common goals of the different sectors and ensure the right conditions for their successful implementation.

Information campaigns and surveys are an essential part of our work. Through them, we carry out various studies, analyse the results and make the information available to the public. We run information campaigns that reflect the principles and objectives of the Association and that aim to raise awareness and encourage citizens to take action to improve their quality of life.

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