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“The Diplomat” Ivan Garelov, started the Diplomat Culinary Club

In early December 2013 in Sofia, the famous journalist and the greatest diplomat among journalists, Ivan Garelov, invited his friends to a Greek culinary show, during which he prepared a traditional Greek papoutsaki.

With this event, Diplomat Corporation Ltd – owner of the Diplomat – Home Appliances brand – launches its new initiative “Diplomat in the Kitchen”, together with an advertising agency.

The idea of the format is to bring together diplomats from all spheres of public life: politics, media, business, culture. With this project the organizers challenge diplomats to present themselves in a new, different role. Each of the participants will be able, within the Diplomat Culinary Club, to invite their friends to the Diplomat’s modern kitchen in Sofia – Sofia Blvd. “Al. Stamboliiski” 127 and prepare their favorite national dish in front of them.

Guests at Mr. Garelov’s culinary party were. Ivaylo Znepolski, media specialist Georgi Lozanov, arch. Lyudmil Vrabchev, the artist Iliya Kamburov, the famous dentist Ivan Antikadzhiev and others.

The papoutsaki prepared by Garelov impressed the guests, and in addition, Mr. Rubos presented the same dish, but in a vegetarian version. All the attendees, accompanied by a glass of red wine from the uncompromising Le Photograph series of Minkov Brothers Winery, congratulated themselves on the coming holidays.


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