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Our motto

“Noblesse oblige” –
Nobility obliges

Our motto „Noblesse oblige“ guides us in our quest to create a better world where everyone can enjoy a high quality of life.

We are committed to improving the quality of life by promoting virtue, ethical behaviour and active citizenship. We want to share with you both the ideals of Nobility and our initiatives to improve society and the environment in which we live.

What is Nobility?

Nobility is behaviour that comes from high moral values and respect for others. It is an expression of human compassion and a willingness to help those in need.

Nobility is not just a state of mind, but an active action to improve the world around us. It encompasses many virtues and qualities that inspire us to be better people and to help those who need our support.

We believe that nobility is an essential element in building a harmonious society where every action is for the good of all.

Noblesse oblige!

At Quality of Life Association we believe that nobility obliges us to act to improve the quality of life for all.

The concept of "Noblesse oblige" - History

Conservatives have long supported the idea that those of high social status have an obligation to help those less fortunate in society, known as “noblesse oblige”. This French term reflects the idea that noblesse carries with it a responsibility to help and support society. In different societies, the elite may be formed in different ways, but the obligation to help and support remains the same.

What does "nobility" involve ?

Nobility, as we understand it in the Quality of Life Association, is an extremely important quality that includes a wide range of virtues.

A willingness and readiness to support important ideas and causes, to defend human values.

The ability to empathize and to be compassionate and merciful.

Helping the weak and disadvantaged without expectation of reward.

Ability to forgive and show empathy for the successes of others.

Believing and finding the good in everyone around us.

Protecting the offended and slandered.

Determination, courage and humanity, even in the most difficult moments.

Understanding and accepting the opinions of others, even if they differ from our own.

Infinity that can only be measured by love, humanity and faith.

Wisdom of mind and duty to society and the world around us.

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