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Security and peace of mind

Our association is dedicated to promoting the crucial role of mobility in people’s daily lives. Our mission is to create, maintain a sustainable and innovative network of mobility and transport solutions that not only facilitate movement, but also improve people’s quality of life while respecting the environment.


Overcome your limits !

This is a crucial dimension that contributes to maintaining a sustainable, safe and economical movement. In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Economy leading automotive manufacturers, car rental companies and other strategic partners, we aim to enrich your daily life by providing better mobility and transport solutions.

In today’s society, consumers are looking for flexibility and convenience in their movements, both in densely populated urban areas and beyond. Together with our dedicated partners, we strive to optimize infrastructure, expand public transportation options and promote sustainable transportation solutions.

The range of options we offer is extremely diverse – from environmentally friendly and innovative ways of getting around to active support for the automotive sector. We place particular emphasis on the development of green transport alternatives, such as electric and hybrid vehicles, which not only contribute to reducing emissions but also actively help to preserve the environment.

Our primary goal is to encourage a variety of modes of movement that support your comfort and peace of mind in everyday life.

Our vision

Our vision is a world where sport plays a key role in people’s everyday lives. It is a society where every individual and collective sporting activity contributes to healthier lifestyles and enriches people’s lives with energy and joy. Through collaboration with partners and organisations, we are working to build a culture of sport that supports the health of society.


Together towards a sustainable future:

Our goals for safety, comfort and driving pleasure

Our goals focus on transforming mobility into a force that improves lives. With a drive to innovate, we work with leading industry partners to introduce smart and environmentally friendly ways of moving.

Innovation in mobility

Innovation in mobility

We actively work with car manufacturers, engineers and technology companies to encourage the development and implementation of innovative mobility solutions. Our goal is to give people easy access to smart, environmentally friendly and connected vehicles.

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

Sustainability and environmental friendliness

We strive to reduce the negative environmental footprint of vehicles. By promoting the use of electric, hybrid and other low-carbon alternatives, we aim to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the environment.

Accessibility and equality

Accessibility and equality

We are pursuing equal access to diverse mobility modes for all groups in society. By improving public transportation and creating inclusive programs, we strive to ensure that mobility is convenient and accessible to all - regardless of social status or location.

Partnership and cooperation

Partnership and cooperation

We forge strong partnerships with leading institutions, industries and government bodies. Through their support and joint efforts, we can create integrated systems and positive change in the transport sector.

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