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“The seven social sins are: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and faith without sacrifice.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Why become a member?

Membership opens doors to a national and international community of like-minded leaders and professionals focused on improving Quality of Life, but also attentive to all the philosophical dimensions of the field.

Through sharing and collaboration, we support our members to deliver more effective and sustainable development of Quality of Life indicators. The main benefits each member receives are personal and professional development, which in turn bring further benefits.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Quality of Life Association offers outstanding benefits and opportunities for everyone who joins our community:

  • Personal and professional development: membership in our association supports your personal and professional growth by giving you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge.
  • Opportunity to contribute: you have the opportunity to contribute to improving the quality of life of society through your ideas and efforts.
  • Access to innovation: members get information on the latest trends and technologies that can help improve lives.
  • Make valuable contacts: by joining us, you make connections with leaders in different fields, which can support your professional and personal development.
  • Sharing knowledge and practices: membership gives you the opportunity to share experiences and best practices with other CSR and sustainability professionals.

What will you get?

As a member of our association, you will be part of a limited community of professionals from different fields who have similar interests and goals. You will also have:

The opportunity to learn about the latest quality of life trends.

The opportunity to share experiences and best practices with other professionals and experts.

Share your knowledge and skills with youth and adults seeking guidance for career development and personal enrichment.

Participate in initiatives to protect people's rights and promote civic participation.

Get involved in campaigns to improve food quality, use resources sustainably and protect biodiversity.

Share your ideas and energy with us so that together we can create a better and more sustainable world for all!

How do I become a member?

Fill in the registration form.

Wait for our reply within 7 days.

You pay an introductory membership fee for the "Membership" category selected.

We accept you as a member of the Quality of Life Association and you are required to pay your annual membership fee, calculated in proportion to the number of full months remaining in the year.

Types of membership

Membership contribution

Introductory contribution

Annual contribution

Regular Membership


–          Silver Membership

30 levs

70 levs

–          Gold Membership

50 levs

150 levs

–          Diamond Membership

100 levs

600 levs

–          Platinum Membership

200 levs

1000 levs

Associate Membership (NGOs)


1000 levs

*Does not apply to actively participating associations.

Institutional Membership


100 levs

International Membership


–          Company up to 100 employees

200 levs

1200 levs

–        Company up to 300 employees

600 levs

1800 levs

–          Company over 300 employees

2500 levs

3500 levs

Honorary Membership



Corporate Membership


–         Small company (1-50 employees)

100 levs

300 levs

–          Regular company (50-100 employees)

300 levs

600 levs

–         Large company (100-300 employees)

700 levs

900 levs

–          Extremely large company (over 300 employees)

1500 levs

1800 levs

Students Membership


40 levs

Support the Quality of Life Association

Support our cause to achieve a better quality of life for all.