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Governance and Institutions


Quality life for all Bulgarians

Our call is to build a society where quality of life is not just an ambition, but a reality for everyone. Turning our ambitious goals into concrete action requires hard funding for projects and initiatives, from the institutions given. Our mission is to create a solid foundation for improving people’s lives by implementing innovative approaches that move from vision to reality.


Overcome your limits!

The central idea of our Quality of Life project relates to the need for effective governance and close collaboration with diverse institutions, organizations and partners who share the same mission and vision. We realize that in order to achieve improvements in society, we must act synergistically and bring everyone’s efforts together.

Our work focuses on areas that are essential to society as a whole, such as education, health, social care, environmental protection and cultural development.

Realising these ambitious goals requires stable funding for a multitude of projects and initiatives. Such funding would not only provide the necessary resources for our efforts, but would also support the creation and maintenance of innovative approaches and strategies. This includes investing in innovative solutions, research and the development of best practices that can be implemented in real life and contribute to improving the quality of life of every individual.

Collaboration with various institutions and organizations is essential to the successful realization of our mission. Through partnerships and knowledge sharing, we can enrich our efforts and build more sustainable and long-term results.

In this process, each partner contributes its expertise and experience, leading to the creation of complex solutions capable of addressing the challenges facing our society.

Our vision

Our vision builds an image of a society in which every action becomes a step towards a better life. We envision an integrated network of innovation and best practice, supported by sustainable funding, that leads to a variety of improvements in every aspect of life, from education and health to environment and culture.


Together towards a sustainable future:

Our goals to achieve our mission, with the support of the institutions

Our goals unite our efforts for stable funding, innovative approaches and partnerships with organizations to create an integrated society where the quality of life of every person is improved through sustainable and purposeful action.

Ensuring stable funding

Ensuring stable funding

We work hard to ensure stable and sustainable funding for our projects and initiatives. This funding will not only provide the necessary resources, but will also be a catalyst for innovation and the development of innovative approaches.

Support for innovation

Support for innovation

We invest in innovation and research that translates into practical solutions. These pioneering approaches will help realise our mission and create a positive impact on people's quality of life.

Cooperation and support

Cooperation and support

We understand the power of collaboration and therefore actively seek partnerships with various institutions and organizations. By exchanging knowledge and experience, we create complex solutions that respond to the challenges facing society.

Integrated approach to improvements

Integrated approach to improvements

We combine our efforts in key areas such as education, health, social care, environment and culture to create holistic and sustainable solutions that improve everyone's quality of life.

Support the Quality of Life Association

Support our cause to achieve a better quality of life for all.