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Dr. Lyuben Stanev with a presentation at the Balkan Round Table “Innovations in the Wellness & SPA Industry” and presentation of the Health Museum®

The Balkan Round Table, organized under the patronage of the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Fandakova and the Rector of NSA “Vasil Levski” prof. П. Geshev, brought together participants from different spheres – from business, education and science to municipal structures and youth organizations. Dr. Stanev presented his vision of Bulgarian achievements in science, especially in the field of innovation in the Wellness & SPA industry. The forum was focused on promoting health prevention through social innovation, with the main goal of promoting a knowledge-based economy.

Dr. Stanev not only presented the Bulgarian achievements, but also emphasized the importance of water as a key element for health and well-being. He shared ideas for building the “Spa Necklace of Sofia”, which could strengthen the capital’s status as a centre of health tourism. At the end of the forum, Global Water Health’s visionary scientific concept for smart inclusive growth through investment in a global project that includes the construction of Sofia’s Spa Necklace and the introduction of scientific innovations related to Bulgarian mineral waters was presented. The scientific innovations presented by Bulgarian researchers from the Global Water Health Cluster Platform scientific team included patents for Smart Wellness Crystal Therapy, hydrotherapies and innovative technologies for well-being. An important highlight was the implementation of electric vehicle transport in tourism as a way to preserve the purity of Bulgarian air.

The event marked the launch of the new global concept “Wellness for Everyone”, which promotes a healthy lifestyle for every citizen of the planet. Bulgaria takes a leading position in this process, presenting new educational programs and projects aimed at training specialized personnel for the Wellness & SPA sector.

The presentation of Dr. Lyuben Stanev, Chairman of the Quality of Life Association, at the Balkan Round Table in June 2016 presented exciting ideas and concepts that lay the foundation for the construction of a National and International “Museum of Health”.

Dr. Stanev shared not only excellence in science and innovation, but also expressed his vision for Bulgaria to become a center of healthy tourism and innovation in the field of wellness. Dr. Lyuben Stanev’s long-term vision and his active role in supporting innovation and healthy lifestyle make him a key figure in the development of Bulgarian science and tourism.

Partners: the Cluster Platform Global Water Health, NSA “Vasil Levski” and Sofia Municipality brought together in partnership the Mayor and local authorities in the Bankya region, Balkan Cluster for Health, Wellness & Spa Tourism, Wellness Institute Bulgaria, International SPA Managers Club, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Industry, NSI, KRIB, NBO IKEM and NGO representatives of recreation and tourism: Municipal Enterprise Tourist Services at Sofia Municipality, Bulgarian Association of Geomedicine and Geotherapy, Bulgarian Tourist Chamber, Golden Sands Nature Park, International Water Bridge Bulgaria, Quality of Life Association, Experts-BG, and international partners: Med Spa Association of Montenegro, Wellness & SPA Benchmarking, Aspaer Academy Qatar, InterGeo Group – Austria, Health Tourism Cluster of Montenegro, Cluster bridge Switzerland, GlobalBioMed, DST Fund, Inter Brand Kristoff, Austrian Business Club-Bulgaria and Wellness Institutes of: Kauai (Hawaii), Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Intergeo Technoloji MAK DOO- Skopje, Universities: UniBIT, New Bulgarian, UNWE, Forestry and Technical University, Institutes of BAS: Schools: NSOU “Sofia”, High School of Tourism Bankya – make up the expert unit for the debates of the Balkan Round Table.


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