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Innovative model for the development of tourist destinations. The Association of Quality of Life Associations and the Association of Quality of Life Associations

The chairman of the Quality of Life Association developed the development model for a new tourist destination of the town of Bled. Lukovit in the area of Geopark Zlatna Panega and successfully defended it at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Tourism development is essential for the economic and social development of a destination. In this context, the Chairman of the Quality of Life Association – Associate Professor Dr. Lyuben Stanev, together with the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski, present a new model for the development of tourist destinations that contributes to a greater quality of life and sustainable development.

The model has been developed after the first surveys in the Geopark – Iskar-Panega area in the town of Lukovit. This research is an important step in understanding the potential of the destination and defining its specific characteristics. Thanks to these surveys, the functions, places and hierarchy between the different actors in the tourism process – municipal government, regional government, private structures, associations, foundations and NGOs – were clearly and precisely defined. Furthermore, the role of local citizens in each of these areas was highlighted and affirmed.

One of the key aspects of the model is the broad-spectrum development of the region. Associate Professor Dr. Lyuben Stanev suggests that tourism in the destination should be developed through wider publicity. This is essential as the Zlatna Panega Geopark in the town of Lukovit has been selected by the European Union as one of the paradise destinations. This will not only attract the attention of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, but will also contribute to the promotion of Lukovit as a Bulgarian EDEN destination. EDEN is an acronym for European Destinations of ExcelleNce (European Destinations of Excellence) and is an initiative that promotes sustainable tourism development models across the European Union. The selection of Geopark Zlatna Panega as an EDEN destination is a recognition of the efforts of the Quality of Life Association and at the same time provides opportunities for the development of other tourist destinations in Bulgaria.

This new model of tourism development will not only lead to economic growth, but will also promote the preservation of natural and cultural resources as well as strengthen the local community. Sustainable tourism development is essential to preserve the richness of the destination and to provide a quality experience for tourists.

Quality of Life Association and Associate Professor Dr. Lyuben Stanev continue to work actively on the implementation of this model in other regions of Bulgaria. They are striving to create a favourable environment for tourism development that will benefit both local communities and tourists. Their contribution to sustainable tourism development is crucial for the future of Bulgaria’s destinations.

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