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We are not satisfied with our quality of life

Only about 6% of Bulgarians think that this year was better than the previous one

We live worse, dream less and indulge in holidays less and less. These are the results of a nationally representative survey on our quality of life.

Nearly 64% of people believe that the economic situation in the country has worsened. According to the Quality of Life Association survey, Bulgarians are quite modest in their wishes.

For every second quality of life means having enough money

For a third – to have a good job, for every fifth access to quality health services is crucial, and a little more than 13% need more peace of mind and security to be able to boldly say that they live a good life.

Nearly 80 per cent of respondents believe their wellbeing has deteriorated. The economic situation – too. There are also serious gaps in health care – over 60 per cent of people are not satisfied with the quality of services provided.

Only 6% of Bulgarians feel that this year has been better, 47% of respondents categorically state that their quality of life has deteriorated.

“Of course, different types of people give similar definitions, those 6 percent who report an improvement in their quality of life are highly educated, with incomes above 600 leva per household member, wealthier,” said Elena Darieva of the National Center for Social Research.

But what is the reality beyond the numbers?

Philip is 40 years old, he has been working in fast food restaurants in the capital for as long as he can remember. He describes his salary as good, but wants more – for himself and his two children.

“I’ve been paying for housing for 25 years, I figure at 64 when I get up, I’ll have my own place,” says Philip Dikov.

Mimi is the kind of person who works for herself. She has her own business for the second year, but is considering emigrating abroad.

“I’m working and I haven’t had the opportunity to buy anything other than food and shoes for a year, I wouldn’t say it’s better,” says Mimi Ivanova.

Still, positive signs are not lacking.

“Personal life turns out to be important for Bulgarians and this is one of the things they evaluate positively”, points out Radina Ralcheva from the Quality of Life Association.

People of active age suffer from a lack of free time. 16 percent of respondents say they have not taken a single day of vacation during the year.

However, a large part of Bulgarians are satisfied that they live in a good relationship with their spouse, which undoubtedly improves their quality of life.

The sociologists from “Alpha Research” draw an even more extreme conclusion

Their survey shows that for Bulgarians 2011 was the worst since 1997. And expectations are that 2012 will be even worse.

However, the cabinet retains the support it enjoyed before the elections and the prime minister even slightly increases his rating.

We are not satisfied with the quality of our lives – bTV News (

Published at 18:38 20.12.2011

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