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“The Heart Team” competed in Lukovit

On June 25, “Team of the Heart” competed against a team of Lukovit, which included representatives of the various corporate teams that took part in the competition announced by the local mayor. The charity initiative was held at the Hristo Botev Stadium – Lukovit.

The star team included famous faces such as – Leo Bianchi – chef and host – team captain, Igata – rap artist, Kristo – rap artist, Vanya Peneva – Miss Bulgaria 2011, Nikki Iliev – model and actor, DJ Doncho – the legend of the club “Cervillo”, Toma Zdravkov – rock singer and winner of the second season of “Music Idol”, Miroslav Georgiev – model and winner of the second season of “Big Brother”, Panayot Kyuchukov – participant in the third season of “Big Brother”, Ekaterina Dyulgerova – top model, Borislav Milanov – producer, Vyara Atova – singer and TV presenter and Albena Mihova – actress.

“I congratulate all participants and thank the Mayor of Lukovit, said the captain of the guest team, Leo Bianchi. “The event was unique, a lot of people came and it made us very happy. I also thank you, the media, who supported the Heart Team and the Dimitar Berbatov Foundation.

Here the famous chef interrupted the conversation to announce another goal in favor of the team of Lukovit and so for the moment the score became 3:2 for the guests. Leo Bianchi continued:

“Diplomat Corporation and Diplomat Plaza Hotel & Resort, supported and accommodated all the participants and provided them with sleeping and meals as well as a solid party for later that evening.” Leo thanked the Mayor of Lukovit, who was on the field at the time and described him as the most dangerous figure in the match and at whose invitation the team was visiting the town. Seconds later, Leo Bianchi announced, “We got a goal – it was 4:2 for us”.

The host team included the mayor of Lukovit – Ivan Grancharov, who was also the captain of the team. “It was the Mayor’s Cup Tournament, which took place on my initiative and was quite well received by the people of our town and the municipality in general,” added Ivan Grancharov. “Teams from different companies in the municipality participated in the tournament and it was a great event. People are already asking when the next one will be, and our idea is to make it a tradition.”

Here, the Mayor explained that just at the finals of the tournament, Diplomat Corporation had offered its assistance in organizing the charity match with Team Heart to raise funds to help talented children. Ivan Grancharov uses a favourite expression of his: “The hand that donates succeeds”.

Lyuben Stanev, one of the owners of Diplomat Corporation Ltd. said:

“The initiative for the event has been commented by Elena Vassileva and colleagues from the communications department of Diplomat Corporation for more than a year. Leo Bianchi was the reason to bring the Heart Team, because we know – Lukovit is not one of the big cities in the country, but we still managed.

This happened with the great support of the municipality, with which I think we have a very good partnership and for which we are very grateful.”

Lyuben Stanev said that the old conservative framework has been broken and the meeting between “Team of the Heart” and the town’s team is part of a series of good events that happen on the territory of a small town like Lukovit.

The match ended with a worthy score 9:7, in favor of the guests – “The Heart Team”.

The amount donated by the Municipality of Lukovit and the funds raised, totaling 1225 BGN, are for the fund to support the development of outstanding children of the Dimitar Berbatov Foundation.

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