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National Career Days 2024: A bridge between business and ambitious young talent for a better tomorrow!

Svetlozar Petrov, manager and founder of Job Tiger and member of Quality of Life Association, shared his excitement about the upcoming National Career Days 2024 event. The event, which will take place between 6 and 16 April in the cities of Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Plovdiv, Varna and Ruse, is organised by JobTiger and is expected to attract many ambitious young people and professionals looking for development opportunities.

The event will enable companies to present their vacancies and internship programmes to a qualified workforce, optimise the recruitment process by gathering a database and direct contact with potential employees, as well as select suitable candidates for specific roles. Participation in National Career Days also allows organisations to position themselves as active and stable employers, develop their employer brand and become part of initiatives promoting the career development of young people.

JobTiger, with gold sponsor Austrian Business Agency, invites all interested companies to book their place at the event.

We, the members of the Quality of Life Association, express our unwavering support to our esteemed colleague Svetlozar Petrov, Managing Director and Founder of Job Tiger, who is also an active participant in our Business and Prosperity strand. His indisputable contribution to the development of the Bulgarian labour market and his support for the material well-being of Bulgarian citizens does not go unnoticed.

Through initiatives such as the National Career Days, which help businesses connect with ambitious young talent, Svetlozar Petrov plays a crucial role in shaping a more prosperous future for our country. We are extremely proud to have such a dedicated and innovative leader in our midst and will continue to support him in his quest to improve the quality of life for Bulgarians.

His tireless work in fostering the business environment and personal growth of individuals is a testament to his commitment to the Quality of Life Association’s cause of improving the quality of life in business and ensuring material well-being. As an organization that strives to improve the overall quality of life of Bulgarians through various initiatives, we greatly appreciate Svetlozar Petrov’s efforts in this direction.

In conclusion, we, the members of Quality of Life Association, would like to express our appreciation to Svetlozar Petrov for his outstanding contribution in the field of employment and personal development.

We will continue to support him in his future endeavours and work together to achieve our common goal: improving the quality of life of Bulgarians and creating a more prosperous society.

The conditions for participation are described here.

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