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Launch of a project to build a “Museum of Health”

On 19 October 2023, the Quality of Life Association held a meeting to launch the negotiations for a “Museum of Health” in Bulgaria. Prof. Dr. Lyuben Stanev Lalev, the chairman of the association, reported on the successful trademark protection in 2016. He shared the vision for the museum, envisaging the most innovative museum in the Balkans, in line with the new European standards.

Choice of Location

The museum will be located in Sofia, representing not only a tourist attraction, but also a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. The chosen location in the city of Sofia is not a coincidence, but represents a strategically considered choice, linked to the importance of the capital for the overall success of the project. Reasons include historical and cultural significance, accessibility and visibility, as well as potential as an educational and tourist attraction.

Development Plans

The Association is working on the preparation of a detailed project for presentation to the Sofia Municipality. The aim is to create a museum that reflects the rich health heritage of Bulgaria. In addition, the project includes initiatives for educational programmes and events that will contribute to raising health culture and awareness among the public. These programmes will enrich the cultural life of the capital and provide new opportunities for learning about health traditions and innovations.

European Projects and Correspondence with UNESCO The Association has the ambition to make the museum part of the cultural heritage of the country by joining European projects. The President of the Association promised an initiative contact with UNESCO to include the museum in the future cultural heritage of Bulgaria. The “Museum of Health” will be a pioneering project that will link Bulgarian civilization, healing traditions and ancient knowledge, filled with a modern spirit of innovation and education. The aim is for the museum to gain international recognition and become a key point in Bulgaria’s cultural and educational tourism. “The Museum of Health aims to combine the rich traditions and knowledge of Bulgaria with modern innovation.

The project promises to highlight the country’s importance as a centre of health and culture, offering a unique perspective on the history of Bulgarian healthcare and its future. With its vision of bringing together historical heritage and innovative approaches, the museum will contribute significantly to health education and cultural development in Bulgaria.

Quality of Life Association : Biodegradable Waste Bags in the Community Study

In today’s world, faced with increasing environmental challenges, our organization – the Quality of Life Association in Bulgaria, occupies a key role in creating a sustainable future. Recognizing the importance of our conservation mission, we are committed to uniting the efforts of institutions and corporations to support a clean and healthy environment for our society. We are now focusing on one of the key elements in our environmental initiative – the transition to the use of biodegradable waste bags, and addressing the issues associated with the use of traditional polymer bags.

In this regard, we plan to conduct an extensive survey among the Bulgarian population as well as among citizens of other European countries to assess their opinion on the switch to biodegradable waste bags. Our aim is to find out to what extent people are aware of the benefits and the need for such a change, as well as their willingness to actively participate in this transition process.

In addition, we wish to explore what public support there is for such environmental initiatives that are consistent with our goals of improving quality of life and protecting nature. This analysis will help us to formulate strategies and offer concrete proposals to major retailers and manufacturers to promote biodegradable alternatives.

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