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Israeli Food Quality – Israeli Ambassador Mr. Shaul Kamisa-Raz

On behalf of the Quality of Life Association in partnership with EXPERTS and Diplomat Corporation, we would like to express our gratitude and satisfaction for the successful hosting of this event dedicated to the traditions of East Israeli cuisine and the quality of international food. In another edition of our traditional Diplomat Culinary Academy, guests and journalists had the opportunity to learn about the richness of East-Israeli cuisine, customs and little culinary secrets. We are very pleased to announce that His Excellency Mr. Shaul Kamisa-Raz, Ambassador of Israel to Bulgaria, was the head chef of this edition of the Culinary Academy.

The ambassador cooks three recipes that are typical of Israeli home cooking. Shakshuka, similar to the Bulgarian mish-mash, fish a la Kamisa, including white fish, carrots, onions, peppers and tomatoes, and carrot salad with chilli. In addition to presenting the traditions of his people, Mr. Shaul Camisa-Raz also talked about the Embassy’s initiative to help flood victims in Mizia.  The drive, known as “Warm Heart”, provided assistance in the form of essential items, clothing, medicines, as well as free consultations with an eye doctor and new glasses for the victims. His Excellency stressed the importance of solidarity between the Israeli and Bulgarian people in times of need and expressed his belief that Bulgarians are our brothers.

We at Quality of Life Association are proud to be part of such initiatives and to support the cooperation and friendship between our two nations. We would like to thank Mr. Shaul Camisa-Raz, as well as PR expert Natalia Dimitrova, who was His Excellency’s kitchen assistant, for their commitment and participation in this special event. Once again, we express our gratitude and respect to all participants and partners who contributed to the success of the event. Thank you for your support and assistance.


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