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On September 26, 2014 in Diplomat Plaza Hotel Resort – Sofia The tenth edition of “Careers Lukovit – 2014” was held on September 26, 2014. The organizers of the event were the Quality of Life Association and the Vocational Training Center at the Diplomat Balkan Center, with the kind assistance of the Municipality of Lukovit and the Directorate of the Labour Office – Lukovit.

The event was attended by representatives of the Municipality of Lukovit, the Directorates of the Labour Office in the town of Lukovit. Lukovit and the town of. Representatives of business and employers from the region in the face of Diplomat Corporation Ltd, Vinerberger Ltd, Balkan Center Diplomat Ltd, teachers and students from Aleko Konstantinov Secondary School and Sergey Rumyantsev Secondary School.

Mr. Lyuben Stanev – Chairman of the Quality of Life Association addressed the participants. Attractive opportunities for career development, professional training and qualification improvement were discussed at the forum. Particular interest was aroused by the internship programs aimed at young professionals and their future professional opportunities in leading companies in the municipality. At this meeting, the President of the Association, presented the idea of creating a Museum of Health in the town. Lukovit, in the basement of Hotel Diplomat Plaza.

For this purpose, the second emergency exit from the Lukovit Municipality was released to provide free entrance and exit for external visitors other than the guests staying at the Diplomat Plaza Hotel.The event sparked a public dialogue among representatives of business, NGOs, institutions, citizens and young people about the quality of their own lives and ways to improve it.


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