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Business in Bulgaria and personnel

BCCI hosted a round table on “Business in Bulgaria and the staff! They are missing! How to cope?”, organized jointly with the magazine “Business Club”.

At the opening ceremony Tsvetan Simeonov, President of BCCI, pointed out that the business-education link is not sufficiently working and that it is necessary to activate companies and branch organizations.

The President of the Chamber drew attention to the need for more practical training, including the attraction of business lecturers, which will lead to the updating of training programmes. Tsvetan Simeonov praised as an achievement the entrepreneurship education since primary education.

He drew attention to the problem that with a large number of job vacancies there are a large number of unemployed who instead of joining the labour market remain on social benefits.

Deputy Minister of Economy Daniela Vezieva emphasized in her speech the need for local and regional policies on employment, stressing that efforts are needed to end regional imbalances in Bulgaria.

The Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Gulub Donev reported on the favourable trends in the labour market that started in 2015 – an increase in the number of employed and a decrease in unemployment. He also presented the programs that the Ministry is developing to support employment and highlighted the problem of youth unemployment as the most crucial.

Diyan Stamatov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, said that the focus at the moment is on vocational education, already mentioning that the hours of practical training have increased.

Hristina Hristova, former Social Minister and current President of the Institute for Family Policy, drew attention to the demographic situation in the country and the negative rates of population decline. She stressed that there are serious problems in the structure of unemployment and employment. 60% of all the unemployed are long-term unemployed, and youth employment is very low at almost 38% (while the average employment rate is 63%).

Presentations and speeches at the round table were made by: Emiliana Dimitrova, Chairperson of the Board of NAPOO, Olga Chugunska – Economist at BCCI, Eleonora Negulova – Chairperson of the National Centre for Competence Assessment at BIA, Desislava Nikolova – Chief Economist at IME, Tomcho Tomov – Head of the National Centre for Competence Assessment at BIA, Detelina Smilkova – President of the Bulgarian Association for People Management and Vice President of VUZF, Lyuben Stanev – Expert at EXPERTS LTD and President of the Quality of Life Association, Julia Simeonova – Executive Secretary of the KNSB.

The moderator of the round table was Ms. Gergana Rakovska, President of the Business Foundation for Education, and the discussion was closed by Mr. Velislav Rusev, Editor-in-Chief of Business Club magazine. All proposals from the round table will be summarized and sent to the institutions.


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