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11th International Conference of the Bulgarian Red Cross

On 30.06.2023 (Friday) was successfully held the Eleventh International Conference, organized by the Association “Quality of Life” with the support of the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) and the partnership of the Academy of Holistic Medicine “Health Master” and the Center for Rejuvenation. This prestigious event brought together leading health experts and practitioners who care about improving the quality of life in health and rejuvenation.

The Belgian expert in health and longevity, Professor Dr. Ivan Gisart, was a special guest at these events. He holds numerous international awards in the field of health, having received one of them for social aid provided to cure 2000 children with sickle cell anaemia in Togo, Africa. The main focal point and reason for holding these conferences was the mission of the Quality of Life Association.

It seeks to bring together health experts from Conventional, Alternative, Holistic, Energy and Naturopathic Medicine (popular in Western European countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain.

At the Eleventh International Conference, held at the Bulgarian Red Cross, focal topics included the creation of unique, innovative eco-projects, as well as bringing together health experts from different medical fields who have multidisciplinary experience.

The President of the Association, Associate Professor Dr. Lyuben Stanev, presented to the guests the first prototype of his technological innovation, which has already been successfully patented and can now be shown.  It is a car that can be driven in three different ways – by an internal combustion engine, on electric power only or on solar power only. This idea has received a lot of attention as it will help to reduce emissions and protect the environment. More information at:

The conferences also shared valuable knowledge and experience from professors and experts in the field of natural medicine. Prof. Dr. Verginiya Georgieva revealed the benefits of fasting and natural medicine, emphasizing the importance of following a diet and nutritional regimen to improve health and achieve a rejuvenating process.

The conference ended at the end with Prof. Dr. Ivan Zisart explaining the importance of using gemstones and precious metals to provide vibrational energy. He revealed that chakras are energy centers associated with specific organs and functions of the body, and that each chakra vibrates a certain color. The professor stressed the importance of color balance for health and suggested the use of therapeutic colors and combinations of colors.

He also mentioned that intangible, vibrational frequencies in nature and the human body are important in quantum physics, and preventive methods and natural measures can prevent chronic diseases.

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