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World Health Day 2023

In April this year, the Quality of Life Association held an event on World Health Day, which is celebrated annually on the seventh of April. The purpose of this meeting was to pay tribute to all individuals who help improve the quality of life of people in the areas of health and longevity. Special guests were doctors with international experience, researchers and therapists from the field of Alternative and Holistic Medicine. In the last 3 years, it was impossible to carry out this type of event due to the World Pandemic caused by COVID-19, but in the current year 2023, there was already this opportunity. The purpose of the event was to exchange important experiences between experts in the fields of Conventional, Oriental Medicine as well as Scientific Experts from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. People from different medical fields were able to unite for the universal cause they pursue, which is to improve the quality of human life, in the field of health.

The topics that were in focus were:

  • Methods to improve Quality of Life ;
  • Health tips to prevent the onset of disease ;
  • How to take care of yourself and achieve good health and longevity ;
  • New innovations in the field of Rejuvenation, Longevity and their application.

What managed to unite these experts, besides the guiding mission of the Quality of Life Association, was the fact that the Association initiated a new partnership on the moral perspective, namely “Creating a bridge that connects conventional, alternative, energy and holistic medicine.”

This was an important step as there have been verbal battles in medical circles for years about the efficacy of Eastern methods of healing versus Western methods, and at the time of this event there was this long awaited “truce” which is a small step for the Quality of Life Association, but a big leap in Moral Excellence in “Medical Circles”.

During the event, one of the scientific experts in the field of Epigenetics gave a demonstration to the guests on his discipline, namely Epigenetics and Phytofractal Genetics. He made bio-foods and bio-drinks, which were prepared completely individually, for each person visiting the event, according to their health needs.

He talked about the immense possibilities that this science has and how it completely improves the quality of life and personal health of people, as well as supports the process of longevity, which is one of the main tasks of the Quality of Life Association.

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