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Radina Ralcheva: Quality of life is to be able, to be and to have

In the autumn of 2011 Radina Ralcheva, Managing Director of the consultancy agency Go Green Communications, became one of the co-founders of the Quality of Life Association. The mission of the association, in which JobTiger also participates, is to work to increase the personal satisfaction of Bulgarians with their lifestyle and to provide them with opportunities and personal happiness. “For most Bulgarians the quality of life is equated with the standard of living, with the material. And quality of life is a complex concept, a concept that includes being able, being and having”, explains Radina.

From the first quality of life survey conducted by NCIM, it is clear that we are in the lower levels, oriented towards things related to survival. However, Bulgarians show a high degree of satisfaction with family and friends, in contrast to areas such as health, career development and general economic well-being.

“It struck me that in the general atmosphere of uncertainty and frustration there is something positive – people feel comfortable in their small personal social environment. I explain it by the fact that when you have problems that are not up to you, you turn to the people close to you and there you find support.”

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