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Quality of Life Association supports the pioneering work of Acad. Vladimir Ovcharov in the field of aging and longevity

The President of the Quality of Life Association attended the presentation of the groundbreaking book by Acad. Vladimir Ovcharov, “Aging and Longevity”, held in the Great Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on April 8, 2024.

As a special guest, the President, Associate Professor Dr. Lyuben Stanev, had the opportunity to express his support and admiration for Acad. He also expressed his appreciation and sympathy to Professor Stavanov for his significant contribution to the field of aging and longevity research.

During the event Acad. Ovcharov presented an in-depth study of the growing global population that can be attributed to increased life expectancy. He highlighted the social, health, societal and personal implications of this demographic phenomenon, especially given the huge number of older people that now make up the global community.

In his book, Acad. Ovcharov discusses various theories of why humans age, including programming, bugs, free radicals, DNA damage, and more. He provides a detailed analysis of the anatomical changes that occur in each body system as we age, highlighting both general and specific signs of aging.

The President of the Quality of Life Association expressed his gratitude to Acad. Ovcharov for his dedication to unraveling the mysteries of human aging and longevity.

In conclusion, the presentation of the book by Acad. Ovcharov was a significant event that brought together scientists, researchers and members of the public to discuss and celebrate achievements in the field of gerontology.

Associate Professor Stanev’s presence demonstrated the association’s support for such scientific advances that have the potential to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

In addition, it underscores the Quality of Life Association’s mission of cross-sector collaboration in promoting innovative research in aging and longevity. This important initiative serves as a shining example of how diverse organizations, including the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, can work together to drive advances in our understanding of human health and well-being across the lifespan.

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