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Palestinian Food Quality – Palestine Ambassador – Dr. Ahmen Al Madbuh

We want to tell you about an amazing event organized by us in partnership with EXPERTS and Diplomat Corporation. This time we focused on Palestinian cuisine and decided to introduce our guests to the Diplomat Culinary Academy its flavors and traditions. First of all, let us tell you a little more about traditional Palestinian cuisine. It is extremely varied and rich in flavours. It mixes influences from Middle Mediterranean, Arab and Turkish cuisine. Common products used in Palestinian cuisine include vegetables, olives, butter, rice, strawberries, nuts and spices such as cumin, turmeric and cardamom. Traditional dishes include stuffed peas, fried vegetables, cakes and pastries with honey and peanuts.  At our event, we had the honor of welcoming His Excellency the Ambassador of Palestine to Bulgaria, Dr. Ahmed Al Madbuh. He joined in the cooking and prepared three recipes typical of Palestinian home cooking. The Fattoush salad, the main course “Makluba” and the dessert “Nammura” were prepared with skill and enjoyed with pleasure.

While he was cooking, Dr. Al Madbuh showed another of his skills – that of cutting. It is certainly a skill he acquired outside his diplomatic career. Helping him in the kitchen were his wife, Mrs. Svetlana Al Madbuh, and kitchen appliances from Diplomat. To complement our event, girls from the Embassy’s dance group presented our guests with the “Dabke”, a favorite dance of friends of Palestine. It was an amazing experience that added to the authenticity of our event. The culinary mastery of the Polanyi family and the exotic taste of the Palestinian cuisine were enjoyed by ambassadors, representatives of the Foreign Ministry, journalists and friends.All of us, in the company of a glass of boutique wine from the special Levent series of “Vintner’s House Rousse”, greeted the coming holidays.

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