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Food and drink

Culinary or fast food: Which do you choose?!

The Culinary Over Fast Food campaign is organised to encourage people to choose healthier and better quality foods instead of the typical fast food options, which are often high in calories, sugars and saturated fats.

The campaign provides a variety of healthy alternatives to typical fast foods and supplements. We create challenges and community-focused initiatives, such as healthy recipe contests, cooking workshops or food collection initiatives for those in need.

We organize free courses and trainings in different types of culinary areas, in partnership with chefs, culinary associations and chef associations. We work effectively in cooperation with high schools and higher education institutions, of which culinary specialties are a part.

We use social media and build online marketing strategies. We share recipes and inspiring stories of people who are discontinuing fast food consumption in favor of healthier alternatives.

We work with health experts, in the field of dietetics and designing diets that support the quality of life of citizens. We organize a number of studies and surveys to provide an up-to-date view of the real situation, but also to contribute to building a real picture of the expectations and needs of civil society in our country.