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Laughter is medicine

With the belief that laughter is the key to health and well-being, the Quality of Life Association is launching a project to create a stand-up club where professional stand-up comedy will be performed. Laughter is not only a source of joy and pleasure, but is also an important element in improving people’s mental health and general wellbeing.

In today’s tough times filled with tension and stress, it is essential to create places where people can let go of everyday worries and recharge with positive energy. The Standup Club will be just such a place where all people can enjoy quality comedy performances and have a good time from the heart.

For the successful implementation of this project, we need financial support from various corporate and non-profit organizations as well as assistance from the municipality. We believe that our combined efforts will result in the creation of a unique and important venue for socializing and improving the quality of life for our members and the community at large.