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Assoc. Dr.
Lyuben Stanev

Chairman of
Quality of Life Association

For Assoc. Stanev

Initiator and inspirer of the Quality of Life Association®. He was unanimously elected President of the Association by the founders on 3 August 2011.

It was his idea to commission the NCIM to carry out the first survey on the quality of life in Bulgaria.

In 1995 he founded Diplomat Corporation Ltd - one of the largest Bulgarian household appliances distribution companies with over 1200 outlets.

Lyuben Stanev is the creator of the unique concept of the first specialised conceptual 4-star hotel in Bulgaria, DIPLOMAT PLAZA HOTEL & RESORT. Lukovit, which in turn includes the main stages: concept invention, design and construction, staff training and hotel launch. The hotel's Health & Beauty Centre was created on the basis of his idea, with the unique concept. Anti-ageing.

In 2001 he created the Diplomat brand, which was one of the most preferred brands of electrical household appliances by Bulgarians for the period 2000 - 2016.

In 2020 he was elected manager of the holistic centre "HEALTH MASTER".

In 2023 he is a partner of the Medical Centre "HEALTH MASTER".

In 1989 he graduated from the specialization in Public Nutrition at the CPE "Zagore" in the town of Zagorje. She graduated from "Zagora" University in Sofia.

In 1989, he graduated from the Institute for Teachers of Practice ,,M. Iv. Kalinin" in the town of. She graduated from M. Kalinin University of Economics in Sliven.

In 2000, he completed his specialization in "Economics and Management" through Icom Intellect and the Bulgarian-American Information and Consulting Center for Economics and Management.

In 2006, he graduated from a professional massage course at the CPE "Svetlina", Sofia. She graduated from the University of Sofia.

 In 2007, he obtained a degree and professional qualification in "Management of commercial activity" at the Economic Academy "Dimitar A. D. He graduated from the University of Sofia with a degree in economics from the University of Sofia.

In 2007, year, acquired professional qualification "Manager" at the Economic Academy "Dimitar A. Tsenov", town of Svishtov. He graduated from the University of Svishtov.

In 2009, graduated from the University "Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov" in Svishtov. She graduated from the University of Burgas and obtained a degree in "Hotel and Restaurant Organization and Management".

In 2015 he defended his educational and scientific degree of Doctor of Sofia University "Kl. Ohridski"

In 2018 he received the academic scientific degree "Associate Professor" in the field of social, economic and legal sciences.

Start of the project: Medical center "HEALTH MASTER"

Presentation to the media and the public of the working and patented hybrid electric vehicle: SolarHybrid®;

Project launch: Rejuvenation Centre®

Creation and patenting of nutritional supplements to improve quality of life as well as to treat difficult to treat diseases. Through the nutritional supplements SANOFLEX®, STELARGIN® , STELLARIN®, SANOFIX, SANORGIN, it is possible to restore the damaged connective tissues of man , as well as the incurable degenerative diseases and cicatricial tissues.

Launch of B2B Partners: NOBLESSE OBLIGE®on: Health Master® for conscious partnership and teamwork between the best doctors of traditional medicine and the health experts of holistic and alternative medicine.

Patenting Europe's first concept for converting old cars that can be given a second life as they convert to hybrids, but crucially can run on solar eco-friendly solar power - Solar Hybrid®.

Launch of the only Bloodless Surgery, Hormone and Neurological Balance clinic for the treatment of incurable and difficult to treat diseases - Health Master®.

Research , invent, plan and position the unique concept: Harmony.Happiness®.

Implementation of the project: closure of old obsolete business projects, in order to develop ecological projects related to: "Health and Longevity of Bulgarians".
Patenting a highly efficient :" DPF Cleaning® ."

Decision and closure of obsolete business projects: Diplomatand Diplomat Plaza Hotel, due to expired lifetime.
''Induction heater'' for liquid fluids with reduced electromagnetic contamination.

Lecturer in Marketing at the European University of Economics and Management (EUEM) in Sofia and Plovdiv.
President of the Outdoor Advertising Association

Contributor to the magazine. Author of "Business Club", column "Experts advise", with monthly participation in helping small and medium businesses, as an expert in Branding and Marketing.

Initiator, one of the three creators of the concept "Creative institute" and co-founder;

2013 - 2015
Lecturer at numerous tourism conferences such as: National Medical and Health Tourism Conference; Cultural Tourism Conference; Travel B2B Forum, Travel Mind, etc.;

Founder, initiator and organizer of the conference;
Creation and patenting of the longevity concept "Wellness zone"®

Created the brand "BRAVISSIMO®", offering small kitchen appliances for the home;

Member of the NCC (National Council for Self-Regulation).
Initiator and inspirer of the Quality of Life Association.

Unanimously elected by the founders as the President of the Association. On his idea, NCIM was commissioned to conduct the first survey in Bulgaria on the topic;

Implemented powerful advertising campaigns and significantly expanded the market shares of Diplomat and Thermomax in the national market Bulgaria.

Conducted numerous sales training sessions on Sales Skills, Personal Selling, Power Selling, Annual Sales Plans, Marketing, Branding.

Jointly with a team of experts launched a project to improve the quality of life;

Achieving complete monopoly in products: water heaters- over 210 models and cookers -over 140 types under own brand names.

Member of BHRA (Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association);

Created the overall concept of all hotel rooms and restaurants in the first concept hotel in Bulgaria DIPLOMAT PLAZA HOTEL & RESOT. Co-author of its unique concept "Special moments for special people";

Member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

Established a Vocational Training Center (VTC) by personally writing 20 training programs (10 for tourism and 10 for commerce) and licensed it in NAPOO Sofia;

Develops the product portfolio to 1500 products and new outlets in the cities of Pleven, Etropole, Botevgrad, Pirdop and Panagyurishte, Karlovo and other cities.

Established a chain of retail stores in the towns of Lukovit, Ch.bryag, Gabrovo, etc.

Founder of the "Balkan Center Diplomat" Foundation, supporting culture, sports and tourism in the region.

Created and developed the Diplomat brand, which, in addition to being known and preferred by Bulgarians, in 2014 won first place as their favorite brand

Diploma for graduated specialization "Manager" at the Bulgarian-American Information and Consulting Center for Economics and Management;

Author of the book "Together we will succeed", developing the idea "Work is a pleasure, who is not with us-loses";

Established the company : "Ricochet" EOOD, which at that time was one of the largest Bulgarian companies for the wholesale of home appliances. For the first time in Bulgaria it united the distribution of all Bulgarian appliance factories, from one warehouse. The results were phenomenal turnovers !;

Successfully passed the exams and received a certificate from the Export-Akademie Baden-Wuttemberg for Management Information System; the link of theory and practice;

Opens the first private shops in the towns of Lukovit, Botevgrad, Cherven Bryag, etc., building the brand "Marto Shorto";

Active business activity under the 17th Decree of the Council of Ministers, 35th Decree of the Council of Ministers and later, Decree 56.