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Electric cars today: the future of mobility

The cause includes a number of aspects that focus on the advantages of electric vehicles compared to traditional internal combustion vehicles such as petrol and diesel engines.

Electric vehicles do not produce harmful emissions that pollute the environment, such as CO2, NOx and other pollutants associated with burning fuel. They help to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, which is essential for combating climate change and improving urban air quality.

Electric vehicles are more efficient in terms of energy consumption, which can lead to lower fuel costs than traditional cars. In addition, some regions offer financial incentives or tax breaks for EV owners, making this type of vehicle more economically viable.

Reducing vehicle fuel emissions can have a positive effect on people’s health by reducing air pollution and traffic noise levels. Thus, our work is aimed at improving the quality of life not only by eliminating the harmful impact, but also by promoting the making of informed choices about the mode of transport and, in particular, the possibility of converting old cars and turning them into electric vehicles with a minimum of means.